As an individual living with sickle cell, you know all too well the stigma that you face in simply going to the local Emergency Department for pain relief.  If you don’t live with it, it is difficult to see how someone could go from smiling to sudden screaming in pain.  It’s difficult to get past the adult who can tell you exactly what medications work best for their pain relief and you as the doctor not look at them as a drug seeker.

The Sickle Cell Association will host a screening of Spilled Milk, a sickle cell documentary, to bring awareness of sickle cell and attention to the treatment of those living with the disease.  This event is designed to give you a look into the life of an individual living with sickle cell disease, through the eyes of his best friend.  You may laugh, you may cry, but it is our hope that you leave with greater insight and compassion for those who struggle with the pain of this disease. There will be a short discussion following the film.

The event is free and open to the public, but registration is required as seating is limited.  Donations are welcome.  Refreshments will be served.  This event is perfect for health care providers, medical students, teachers and other adults interested in a better understanding of those living with sickle cell.